The matches of tennis players are of interest not only among the fans, but also among those who like to bet. Under tennis in betting a lot of methods and betting strategies have been sharpened. Unlike team sports, the result in tennis depends on just two people, whose features are easier to learn. The project “Favorite” offers an exclusive heading of tennis strategies with minimal risk. Tennis due to the continuity of the season is considered the most popular game for sports betting. The developed strategies are so many that they are unlikely to fit in the mind of the bettor.

Popular tennis strategy

Tennis matches annually cover not only Grand Slam tournaments, but also lower rank competitions. If the bettor cannot distinguish the significance of Roland Garros for Nadal from the pre-season tournaments where the athlete has no extreme motivation, then the Tennis Strategies heading from the Favorite project will become his reliable guide to the world of profitable betting. Many knowledge of tennis betting is also based on knowledge of the differences between the Challengers and the ATP tennis tournaments.

Tennis bets have gained great popularity with the development of digital television, which allows broadcasting live and video even from the smallest tournaments in good quality. Tennis matches are broadcast in large numbers on most sports channels. We, the players, prefer to bet on events that we can watch, so tennis is perfect to bet on him with singles, express trains, bet on him and before the match, and in live.

The indisputable advantage of tennis betting is that it is much easier to track the shape of players in it than in any other sport. Tennis is a single sport, and tracking the shape of one or two athletes is easier than tracking the shape of the players of an entire football team. In tennis, it is possible to watch several matches of a player, evaluate them in order to understand his current form and decide what bet to make a tennis player’s match. You can also win very well on the ups and downs that change in tennis players, correctly determining the beginning of a decline in a tennis player and starting to bet against him and, on the contrary, noting that the tennis player began to gain form, start betting on him, at high odds that will become lower only then when all the offices will understand that the tennis player form scored. Each stage of an infinite cycle of changing tennis players’ form lasts from 1 to 4 weeks, it starts and ends suddenly, so the offices do not very quickly realize that the tennis player played better or experienced a sharp decline, and you can always have a head start over the bookmaker at any Saville office, set and win at the office.

The advantage of tennis for betting not only before the match, but also in live over many kinds of sports is undoubtedly. In tennis, comebacks are very often (situations where the losing player quickly recoups and starts to win). Putting a high on an outsider (say, 4.50), if he plays the first set well and wins the break, you can bet on a losing favorite to win by 2.2 and get a win on any outcome, this is called a fork. Since tennis is predominantly a single sport, tennis players cannot play without playing. Each of you knows how offensive it is to put a total more on football, watch a match for 90 minutes, where players lazily run around the field and do not create scoring chances, finishing the match dry or with a minimum number of goals. In tennis, an athlete will not work, as in football, just do nothing and get paid for it for the game, never hitting the other team’s goal. Tennis player must play to win. The match will not be able to pass between two non-playing tennis players. They play either both, laying out, or playing alone, and taking out, but there is no score 0: 0 and there are no interesting points in tennis.

The main types of bets on tennis:

  1. Winning the match. P1 or P2. In these bets you need to decide for yourself which of the tennis players, in your opinion, will be the winner of the match, with any score, simply win the match. And put on it.
  2. Handicap. The difference is in the number of games for tennis players, which will end the match. Handicap can be positive and negative. Minus is on the favorite (on the one on whom at P1 kef below), plus on the outsider (on the one on whom on P2 kef above). For example, if you bet on Williams with a handicap of -4.5, then it is necessary that she won in 5 games and more. Examples of accounts with negative handicap (handicap 1): 6: 4, 6: 3; 6: 2, 7: 5; 4: 6, 6: 1, 6: 3. If you bet on Williams, then it is necessary that her opponent does not lose more than 4 games. Examples of accounts with a plus handicap (handicap 2): 6: 4, 6: 4; 6: 3, 7: 6; 6: 2, 3: 6, 6: 3, etc., the main thing is the final difference in the games between the winning tennis player and the loser.
  3. Total. It is total number of games with which the match ends. Total set to “less” and “more.” Sometimes there is a return when the number of games as a result of a match is equal to an integer in a line (without 0.5 after a whole number, for example, total 20, and the score is 6: 4, 6: 4). A large list of additional bets is attached to the main line, in bets on totals and odds, where you can choose any totals and odds and odds (higher or lower) that your heart desires.
  4. Set account. In all matches in women and in most matches in men, the game consists of three sets, until victory is two. 2: 0, 0: 2, 2: 1, 1: 2. At the Grand Slam in men’s cup competitions, men play up to 5 sets (3: 0, maximum 3: 2). Previously, in men, most of the finals played from 5 sets, now they have reduced to 3 sets.
  5. Other bets. These are bets on total or odds in the first set, on the number of breaks in the first set, on aces and double errors, on games, on a tie-break.

The selection of tennis matches and tennis betting is huge.

Theory and basics of tennis betting

Before you make a bet on tennis, you need to explore all the features and get into the essence. This will help avoid common mistakes that are often allowed by ignorance of the rules. Keep in mind that you can’t bet on a 100% victory for a top player without analyzing all the parameters. This is a common mistake for beginners because the favorite can play relaxedly and this will take advantage of his opponent. Understand the rules in tennis betting, and then the victory will be yours! When analyzing a match, you must consider the main factors:

  • physical form of the player and his rating;
  • court coverage;
  • personal meetings of tennis players;
  • tournament motivation;
  • style of the game.

The physical form of a tennis player and his rating is an opportunity to understand what rivals met in the match. With the availability of information, it becomes clear that an athlete from the TOP-20 has a better chance of success than an opponent with a lower level. But you can’t overestimate the rating, because the form of the player is just as important. It cannot be otherwise, because even the most successful tennis player from the top lines of the chart can give his victory to a less reputable athlete if he is out of shape. This must be considered before betting.

Personal meetings of tennis players allow us to deduce the regularity of outcomes. This rule works fully if the match is played between athletes of the same level – in this case, a high coefficient is awarded for a net victory. If the game is played between a top tennis player and a less successful opponent, then before betting you need to pay attention to the nature of the struggle, the regression / progress curve of the opponents.

Statistics of personal meetings is built on the basis of all the matches held between the athletes. But this information is not always relevant to assess the upcoming game. The best option is to write down the results for the last 3-4 years so that the analysis is objective. In this case, you can determine the current form of the athlete and understand how high his chances of success are. For example, losing a strong tennis player for three to four games in a row indicates poor physical fitness. It is unlikely that he will be considered a favorite, even if it leads to personal meetings. But there is a reverse example – the defeat is not particularly taken into account if the athlete issued a series of five victories over top players.

The motivation of a tennis player is of paramount importance on the road to success. This must be taken into account in order to place bets with a high probability of winning. Motivate the player can not only prize, but also the status of the tournament, the support of fans, personal “enmity” between rivals and possibility of increasing the rating of tennis players.

The most prestigious tournaments are the Grand Slam and Masters 1000. Competitors are laid out 100% in an attempt to achieve success. Tennis players departing in the early stages of the competition, switch to less significant tournaments. Here are the rating players who have not reached the final of prestigious tournaments; they may well give victory to weaker competitors. It’s all about fatigue first and second motivation. That is why you need to take into account absolutely all factors because the secret to betting on tennis is that an event can take an unexpected turn. In addition to general statistics in predicting the outcome of the match, you must have an idea about the style of the athlete’s game. There are attacks with access to the grid or from the back line, counterattack and defense. Often on the court you can see generalists using mixed styles. In addition, each style of the game has its advantages and disadvantages that rivals actively use.

Line motion

Bob McKune’s strategy applies to tennis betting. It is simple and effective, as you can see for yourself. A theory is needed for this, and it is not difficult to apply it in practice. According to McCune, the betters are divided into three types. The first is those who use bets as a source of income, analyzes information about tennis and has the relevant knowledge. The second type is the betters, who adhere to one promising strategy and cannot be persuaded. The third type is the visitors of the bookmakers, well-versed in tennis betting. They have developed their own strategy and they manage to earn money.

Your task is to analyze the lines (ratios) of several bookmakers. Keep track of them using multiple sources. According to McCune, the line is driven by experienced betters, advanced handicapers and insiders. And based on this dynamic it is necessary to bet. If the line is not moving, then put on the favorite. This is the best option that is more likely to bring success. Follow the line before the start of the match, if it stopped in place from the moment of publication, and before the start a strong movement was noted. The last movement of the line is the right direction in any situation. Keep this in mind if you want to win.

Of course, you should not make mechanical bets. You should always combine strategy with your own analysis. In this case, you will increase the likelihood of success, and the result will be a pleasant reward.