Tennis tournaments lead their history from the end of the last century. Already in 1875, they gathered a small number of participants and spectators wishing to join the beautiful and spectacular sport. Only 22 people took part in the first tournament, but after 20 years tennis tournaments were included in the program of the Olympic Games. Today there are dozens of competitions, from state to world-class tournaments, which are watched by an increasing number of people. One of these competitions is the “Grand Slam”.

Grand Slam tournaments

Grand Slam tournaments are not just a competition on the court for everyone. This is a major sporting event, which consists of four tournaments that are held every year in four countries: in France, Australia, in the USA and in the suburb of London Wimbledon. Many tennis players believe that the victory in the “Grand Slam” in its significance is second only to the victory at the Olympics. An absolute victory is a win on all four courts in one season, but few can boast of such. Usually, winners of Grand Slam tennis tournaments win it gradually, in different years.

Final ATP tour

The final ATP tournament is a kind of exam that completes the men’s sports year of professional tennis players but not just tennis players, but the most. Those who have already had a chance to swim in glory under the deafening roar of the stands of four Grand Slam tournaments. There are no random matches here, because there are no random names, but the degree of passions and the sensationalism of some victories just rolls over. So, there are only eight of them, or rather eight single-player players and eight pairs. The selection criterion is simple – ATP rating. To be guaranteed to take part in the tournament, you need to enter the “seven” of the best. But the two winners of the Grand Slam for automatic passage is enough to be no lower than the twentieth line in the ranking.

In their diary, the final tournament tennis players began to fix in 1970. The first city to accept it was lucky to become Tokyo. Such a place unusual for the European game added some exoticism to the competition and immediately attracted the attention of the public. Then Paris and Barcelona, ​​Melbourne and Boston, Houston and Stockholm came. However, the New York Madison Square Garden attracted The Masters (as it was then called) so much that it became its permanent venue for thirteen years until 1989. But in 1990, the Final tournament decided to visit the old Europe again: Hanover and Frankfurt met tennis players. And then a new thirst for adventure seized the competition, which began to study geography in Lisbon, Houston, Shanghai and even Sydney. 2009 presented the tournament with a new sponsor who indefinitely registered the Final ATP Tournament at the O2 Arena in London.

The mere participation in this competition is an indisputable proof of the skill and high professionalism of the tennis player. From the sportsman who has left on court by all means wait for the first-class game. If you know little about tennis, but you want to understand in the shortest time what tennis is, the right decision will be to watch the matches of the Final ATP tournament.

WTA tennis tour

What unites absolutely all fans of tennis? Love for spectacular, emotional and beautiful matches. But when these matches are played out between beautiful and famous tennis players, aesthetics and incredible tension of the competition are woven together. Do you think that the desire to be the first and the best is a purely masculine quality? Watch the games of the final WTA tournament. They will change your perception of female fragility and lack of initiative.

The final WTA tournament is the equivalent of the same “exam” in men’s tennis – the final ATP tournament. The eight best tennis players in singles, as well as eight couples will meet on the tennis court at gunpoint to the many thousands of spectators to find out who among them can rightfully be called the queen of the racket of the outgoing sports season. These eight athletes will be divided into two groups, in each of which they will have to go through a round robin tournament. This will reveal the four strongest tennis players who will be in the semifinal and there too, and to the desired title at hand. In order to receive the coveted invitation to participate in the tournament, sportswomen fully lay themselves out throughout the year in various competitions, earning rating points, which ultimately will be decisive for the formation of the G8. So, before the final tournament, girls can take part in:

  • Olympic tournament held in London;
  • four rounds of the Grand Slam;
  • WTA Premier Series (22 events in total);
  • WTA international tournament (31 tournament);
  • Fed Cup – Federation Cup.

If we talk about the prestige of all the above-mentioned events, then the final WTA championship literally “comes on the heels” of the “Four” of the Grand Slam. However, it is only necessary to take into account the fact that it is here that it turns out which of them really deserves to be first in tennis then the value of the final tournament cannot be overestimated.

Following the appearance of the men’s final championship ATP, in 1972 the first final women’s competition took place. It happened in the inconspicuous American city of Boca Raton, and the first winner was an American Chris Evert. With strict observance of the established rules and procedures, the tournament was notable for surprising territorial inconsistency. Since its inception, he managed to change his venue nine times. From 2011 to 2013, inclusive, eight of the strongest tennis players in the world came to Istanbul to meet in the battle for the championship there against the backdrop of Turkish landscapes. From 2014 to 2018, the capital of the WTA final championship becomes Singapore.

ITF tennis tournaments

The World International Tennis Federation (ITF) has so far brought together more than 200 national tennis federations and represents this sport in the International Olympic Committee. The Russian Federation is represented by the FIT (Russian Tennis Association). The responsibilities of the international federation of ITF include powers that primarily concern the rules of the game, under its auspices hold a large number of competitions among all age categories. Many of you know all the ITF tournaments that this organization holds around the world. It is not only adult athletes, women, juniors and children but also the federation organizes tournaments among people with disabilities.

The organization was created almost 100 years ago, and the purpose of its creation was to create standards for the rules of the game and to unite all the federations in the world into one team so that it would be easier and easier to organize many tournaments and competitions. At that time, it was called the Lawn Tennis Federation and it included a little more than 10 countries: they included Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, and several more. But after 6 months, the organization of Lawn Tennis ceased its activities, since the First World War began, which prevented the development of any kind of sport. Only after 5 years the work of the organization resumed again. And after another 3 years, they decided to create a substructure that would ensure that there were no violations during the game; she was involved in developing the rules and making changes to them.

In 1923, it was decided to hold the first popular tennis battles in four countries of the world: they touched Australia, the United States, France and England. It was these first tournaments that deserved the pre-image in the world famous Grand Slam tournaments. Only after many years after its creation, the Organization was recognized as the leading one all over the world, and everyone began to listen to its opinion and began to listen and seek help on any questions.

Currently, it is a huge organization, which annually holds several tournaments, which are divided by age category of participants. Every year, the state institution considers many applications for joining its ranks. General meetings are held for this, where they consider not only applications, but also establish a budget, elect the President and the main Board of Directors, these elections take place once every 4 years.