WTA tennis tour is the Women’s Tennis Organization, which oversees competitions in women’s professional tennis. The association holds tournaments in 32 countries with a total prize fund exceeding $ 96 million. As a rule, up to two and a half thousand tennis players representing 92 countries of the world are involved in them. The association uses a clearly defined system of points-based incentives for tennis players for any won match in a professional tour. Depending on the rank of the competition and the stage in which the victory was won, the tennis player replenishes her rating with a certain number of points. Points for any tournament are counted in the ranking for 52 weeks from the moment it is completed. The WTA Tour uses two types of rankings: the WTA Rankings, Race to Singapore.

The first computer rating of the Women’s Tennis Association (Women’s Tennis Association) was released on November 4, 1975 and was headed by an American Chris Evert. All in all, she was the first racket of the world for 260 weeks (fourth result). Olga Morozova was in seventh place in this first ranking – this is her best position. The list consisted of 135 tennis players. This year there was one edition of the rating, in the following – 2, in 1978 – 1, in 1979 – 6. Weekly publications began in March 1990. The first rating for pair competitions was published on September 4, 1984 and included 307 tennis players. The first athlete to lead him was Martin Navratilova. She also owns the record for the number of weeks in the first line of the pair rating – 237.

Although the rating and computer, but, nevertheless, in 1976 an error was made. In the first place, instead of Yvonne Gulagong-Cowley, Chris Hervet was put. The error was discovered only in 2007. Australian received apologies and congratulations, as well as an award – a special statuette awarded to all tennis players who have ever become the 1st racket of the world. Until now, Yvonne is the only non-American and non-European woman to top the women’s rating. The algorithm for calculating WTA rankings points is generally the same as for men. Therefore, I will focus only on the differences.

The number of tournaments that are counted is 16, not 18. Of these, 4 major and 4 WTA Premier Mandatory tournaments are obligatory. Players who have finished the year in the Top 10 must play two more mandatory tournaments – this is “WTA Premier 5 ″. Here there is a choice for them, as there are five of them (Doha, Rome, Montreal / Toronto, Cincinnati, Tokyo). If the tennis player participates in more than two tournaments of this series, then the two best ones are counted.

The remaining 6 tournaments tennis players choose at their discretion. Rather, they can play where and how much they want, but they take into account only 6 of the best results from the remaining: 3 tournaments “WTA Premier 5”, 12 tournaments “WTA Premier”, 32nd – series “WTA International “and 11 – series” WTA 125K “. Top 10 players have the right to compete only in 2 WTA International tournaments (there is no such restriction in tournaments of the similar series APT 250 in the ATP World Tour).

Top 10 players are also touched by one more stringent requirement that is not on the ATP World Tour. They are obliged to submit their performance calendars, in which the 16 above-mentioned tournaments should appear, to submit to “WTA Operations” by Monday before the final deadline for submitting an application to participate in the first tournament of the current year. effective promotions, finding sponsors and ticketing, but not in favor of tennis players). And if they do not take part in one or several “tournaments for obligations” (even because of injury), they will receive 0 points without the right to be replaced by others, that is, the number of qualifying tournaments will decrease, and accordingly the number of rating points. In addition, a number of penalties are provided, the most significant of which are non-payment of the bonus pool and monetary penalties. True, the latter can be avoided if you participate in promotional activities at the venue of the tournament during the week before it starts (in ATP – 3 days).

WTA Premier Series Tournaments

As of 2011, this series has eleven tournaments with a prize fund of 618 thousand to a million dollars. The winner of any tournament gets 470 rating points. Today, Premier Series tournaments are held in the following cities: Sydney (Australia, January), Paris (France, February), Doha (Qatar, February), Charleston (USA, April), Stuttgart (Germany, April), Brussels (Belgium, May ), Eastbourne (UK, June), Stanford (USA, July), Carlsbad (USA, July), New Haven (USA, August) and Moscow (Russia, October). The main draw includes 28 (Doha, Stuttgart, Stanford, New Haven, Moscow), 30 (Brussels, Paris, Sydney), 32 (Eastburn), 56 (Charleston, Carlsbad) tennis players.

WTA International Series Tournaments

Currently, the WTA International series includes 32 tournaments. All of them are held on the “Olympic” system. The winners of these tournaments receive 280 rating points. The prize fund of the tournament in Bali is 600 thousand dollars, and its winner gets 375 rating points. A distinctive feature of this tournament is also the presence of a match for third place. The final WTA championship is the fifth most prestigious tournament of the season, and is second only to Grand Slam tournaments. As of 2011, his prize fund is 4,900 thousand dollars. In case of winning in all matches of the tournament, the winner gets 1140 rating points. Currently, the WTA Final Championship is held in Singapore. Previously, its venues were Doha, Madrid, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Auckland, Boca Raton (USA) and Istanbul.

Formally, the Women’s Tennis Association Series appeared five years earlier, when it became obvious that men and women already had very different prize funds, and sometimes winners of men’s tournaments received five, eight, or even twelve times more for their results. This situation was the last straw, followed by individual demonstration tournaments, associations, and eventually the WTA tour appeared, which developed its own schedule, a system of awarding rating points, tables and tournament grids. In the very first season, the series included less than twenty competitions, but by 2018 their number almost tripled.

In 1988, a clear graduation of the Women’s Tennis Association series appeared. If they initially differed in the prize fund, then they introduced the difference in rating points. For all the low-level matches won, you can get a maximum of 12 points, while winning the Grand Slam gives you 2000. At the end of the season, there are two final tournaments: eight best tennis players participate in the first final of the WTA tour and 12 in the second among which are places from 9 to 19 in the international rating and the owner of Wild Card.

A new WTA tournament has appeared in the USA

Women’s Tour calendar has been updated with new competitions. According to the well-known tennis insider Ben Rotenberg, the new championship will be held in August, and the American city of Louisville from Kentucky will be the venue. The tournament will be held before the US Open in August and will receive the International category. Recall that in the quarter-finals of Roland Garros, the 21st racket of the world, the 20-year-old Ukrainian Elina Svitolina (19) failed to stop the 27-year-old Serbian Anu Ivanovich, who is seventh in the world rankings. The fight lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes and ended in favor of the Serbian with a score of 6: 3, 6: 2. This was the seventh Serbian victory in seven meetings with Svitolina. Elina Svitolina left Paris, earning 430 points to offset the WTA rating and € 250,000 in prize money. Recall Svitolina completed performance in the second round, losing all the same Ivanovich (5: 7, 2: 6). In the semifinals of the competition rival Ivanovich camp, the winner of the match Lucy Shafarzhova (Czech Republic, 13) – Garbin Muguruza (Spain, 21).

In 2019, the 46th season will be held since the creation of the Billie Jean King Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in 1973, which brought together all the women’s professional tennis. Next season, 55 tournaments will be held in 28 countries of the world on the WTA tour. Compared to the current season in 2019, there will be several changes in the calendar of competitions. This is reported by the BTU.

Thus, the final WTA Elite Trophy tournament (Zhuhai) will begin a week earlier – on October 21 and will be held in the WTA Finals, which will be held for the first time not in Singapore, but in Shenzhen (China) and will begin on October 26.

Also in the WTA calendar in 2019, there will be two new International category tournaments: in Huahine (Thailand), which will be held after the Australian Open, and in Palermo (Italy), which will be held in the second week after Wimbledon.